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Ephemeris watch visualizer

Building a planet visualizer for MoMA-sold watches

Auteur watches had a bold vision for a unique custom watch to be sold at the Museum of Modern Art of New-York: choose a special date, and the position of the planets on that day will be engraved on the dial. I build the mobile site and e-commerce plugin creating animated and shareable previews of the planets' positions based on the date chosen by the user.

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Aritco 3D & AR configurator

Developing a powerful 3D configurator with instant AR

Aritco is a company selling fully custom elevators. A team of over 10 people across the Bublar Group developed for them an AR-enabled and dynamic 3D product configurator, one of the most advanced and unique products that I pioneered as CTO and cofounder of Sayduck.

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Sites @ Agency Leroy

Developing beautiful responsive websites

During my work as a full-stack developer at Agency Leroy, I got the chance to work in a strongly design-driven environment, leading to the development of many websites with a hard focus on user interface and experience. It enabled me to get a "pixel-perfect" attitude and greatly develop my visual skills. Of course, as a full-stack developer, I also learnt a lot as far as web frameworks goes, and contributed to several open source projects.

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Industry Hack - Nokia & Fortum

Making energy consumption smarter

Industry Hack is a company organizing events aiming at disrupting big industry leaders with the help of volunteers over a weekend. This was a hack for Nokia and Fortum. The first one being the world-famous tech company, and the latter a big Finnish energy player. The brief was pretty open, only aiming to find ways to make energy consumption more engaging and smarter.

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Showcasing my projects and skills with a touch of my life on the side

Designing and developing my own portfolio was something I have been willing to do forever. Indeed, creating this site from scratch was an amazing opportunity for me to test and challenge myself while providing a tangible evidence of my skills - both visual and technical.

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Founding and developing a crowdsourced delivery startup

Globshop is a crowdsourced international delivery service. It automatically connects traveller with buyers interested in getting products unavailable where they live.

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Musical Hoodie

Integrating smoothly a music player inside a hoodie

The musical hoodie was a prototyping experiment aiming at showcasing the potential of wearable technologies in our everyday lives with seamless interactions, bringing people closer to technology. A musical player was integrated in a hoodie, and intuitive interactions were then developed to make the use of this hoodie more efficient and natural than a traditional music player.

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Active Admin Magic Fields

Extending Active Admin to enable dynamic sections easily

The activeadmin-magicfields gem is a project aiming at bringing an easy system of dynamic sections and custom fields to the Active Admin content management system. It is an experiment trying to recreate some of the features of Wordpress' famous Advanced Custom Fields plugin, which enables users with no coding knowledge to add and remove complex content to their website.

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Industry Hack - Iittala

Hacking electronics in Iittala's products over a weekend

Industry Hack is a company organizing events aiming at disrupting big industry leaders with the help of volunteers over a weekend. This was a hack for Iittala, a famous high-end Finnish design company. The brief was to hack the smart home to bring people together, by using Iittala products while respecting the brand's strong values such as timeless design.

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