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Developing beautiful responsive websites

Project skills: SCSS (BEM), jQuery, Foundation, Ruby on Rails, Craft CMS, Wordpress, Capistrano

During my work as a full-stack developer at Agency Leroy, I got the chance to work in a strongly design-driven environment, leading to the development of many websites with a hard focus on user interface and experience. It enabled me to get a "pixel-perfect" attitude and greatly develop my visual skills. Of course, as a full-stack developer, I also learnt a lot as far as web frameworks goes, and contributed to several open source projects.

Frontend development

Working at Agency Leroy was strongly focused on frontend, the majority of the twenty employees being designers. This was a great learning experience on many levels for me: by working very closely with designers on rather short client projects, I had a vast overview of modern web design as well as instant feedback regarding User Interface or User Experience.

Moreover, the level of expectation in the company was stellar, our process being to attract clients by doing more than asked and in ways they didn't necessarily imagine, making the word of mouth our only marketing channel. This impacted me in the sense that implementations always required a designer's approval, making the development of the sites literally pixel perfect.

Gaselli by Agency Leroy

On the technical side, my position at Agency Leroy was my first professional developing job, which meant that I was introduced to many standards and tools during my stay. Indeed, I previously learnt most of my developing skills on my own, the quick&dirty way. This is something that I am proud of, but coding without supervision also meant that I missed some organization or structure required in the professional world. I acquired all this knowledge while working at Agency Leroy, for example by adopting SCSS and the BEM standard for my style development, or common naming conventions and developing tools.

Nordic Law by Agency Leroy

Backend development

Agency Leroy being a human-sized agency, I got the opportunity to work on some projects from start to finish, or choose which part of a project to take care of. This enabled me to get a lot of new knowledge in backend development as well, and try out new frameworks. Furthermore, working amongst a team of experienced developers, I could get fast feedback and acquire best practices much better than on my own. I mostly developed with Ruby on Rails and Craft CMS (PHP), both being really modern and universal web frameworks.

I notably extended the Spree eCommerce gem for Rails by integrating the possibility to create subscriptions and recurring payments in Kaffa Roastery's site. This implementation also required to integrate the Stripe payment API and a whole new administration panel with its associated logic in Spree.

Kaffa Roastery by Leroy

Finally, an other aspect of being sole responsible of some projects meant that I was also sometimes in charge of dev ops. This was a part of development that I barely knew before my stay at Agency Leroy: my previous projects were mostly personal and didn't require complex server installations. This enabled me for example to get very familiar with Capistrano and the standards of web development server installation.

FinSve by Agency Leroy

Open Source participation

While working on the projects mentioned before, I had to extend multiple times the frameworks that we were using. This lead to the development of several plugins and gems both for Ruby on Rails and Craft CMS, which the agency published publicly on GitHub. I also offered some fixes and improvements to existing Open Source plugins on several occasions. Examples of such projects are the Spree_Matkahuolto gem, which enables an easy integration of the Finnish delivery service Matkahuolto in Spree Commerce, or fixing major bugs in the Craft Formerly plugin.

Working at Leroy also gave me a lot of freedom, and I could work on my own open source project like the ActiveAdmin MagicFields gem, which has its own project page on this portfolio.

Fysios by Agency Leroy