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Extending Active Admin to enable dynamic sections easily

Project skills: Ruby on Rails, AJAX, Ruby Gems, Active Records, SCSS

The activeadmin-magicfields gem is a project aiming at bringing an easy system of dynamic sections and custom fields to the Active Admin content management system. It is an experiment trying to recreate some of the features of Wordpress' famous Advanced Custom Fields plugin, which enables users with no coding knowledge to add and remove complex content to their website.

I started this project as a challenge to myself, considering that I had been working a lot with

As displayed on the above screenshot, the gem first enables user to define "parts", which are basically section templates. The gem provides most basic field types out of the box - like text, image and checkboxes, as well as an easy way (even if requiring minimal coding) to add more types.

From there, the user can add as many parts they need on their models with a click of a button. The gem dynamically creates the appropriate fields in the model's form, and the only thing left to do is to feel in the content!

Below, a new page is created, with a landing section, a simple text section, and more sections being added.

ActiveAdmin MagicFields Page