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Hacking electronics in Iittala's products over a weekend

Project skills: Internet of Things, Arduino, sensors, electronics

Industry Hack is a company organizing events aiming at disrupting big industry leaders with the help of volunteers over a weekend. This was a hack for Iittala, a famous high-end Finnish design company. The brief was to hack the smart home to bring people together, by using Iittala products while respecting the brand's strong values such as timeless design.

Our multidisciplinary three-people team won the event by designing and implementing a smart base for one of Iittala's most well-known vase. By integrating sensors in a base that would fit perfectly the iconic shape of the vase, we created a product that would seamlessly help the family take better care of their plants.

Iittala Hackathon Vase

We tried to solve the problem that most people face when owning flowers: the shift from being a pleasure in your home to feeling guilty for not being able to take care of them. Willing to bring people together, we didn't make an app on purpose, but used gentle light notifications instead. This would help keeping the vase non-invasive and primarily a beautiful design object.

The project taking place over a single weekend, I took part in the whole process, from the ideation to the implementation of the prototype and the pitch presenting our vision for our product.

Iittala Hackathon Hacking

Specifically, I first helped develop our team's idea in terms of target audience, business perpective and desired features, before implementing the software and hardware required by the prototype.

Finally, we had to pitch in a limited 3 minutes in front of a Jury of experts, including Harri Koskinen, current head of Design at Iittala. The pitch included a presentation and a demo, on top of which we decided to add an introduction video. As a reward for all this hard work, we got to be chosen as winner for this hackathon!

Hackathon Iittala Winning