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Silvain Toromanoff, 32

Engineer wannabe designer. Passionate about innovation and new technologies.

Silvain Toromanoff

As a startup tech guy that can’t stay on the sideline any longer, I am looking for my next project around fighting climate change, ideally from Finland!

After 5 thrilling years pushing AR forward with Sayduck as CTO and cofounder, I now feel the urge to align my career with this growing personal concern.

My skills range from coding to product management and user-centric design, with a constant strive for great UX. As CTO, I not only conceived and moved forward a variety of tech services, I also led the Product Team as the company grew from 5 to 15 people. This taught me a lot about the challenges faced by startups in the early scaling phase while dealing with an ever-changing landscape. I also shaped Sayduck’s strategy, with a pivotal role in joining the 300+ Bublar family during the summer 2019.


  • Guitar

    01.11.2019 - Today

    Self-teaching guitar

    • Regular autonomous practices since 2019

  • Choir

    01.03.2018 - Today


    • Adult all-male choir singing traditional finlandssvensk (Swedish-speaking Finnish) songs

  • Cofounder and CTO

    01.01.2016 - 31.12.2020 Helsinki, Finland


    • Shaped the company's strategy, with a pivotal role in joining the Bublar Group family
    • Managed the evolution of Sayduck's services: 3D & AR Platform, Dynamic 3D/AR Viewers, ...
    • Led the Product Team and planned future product development
    • Developed Sayduck's first responsive 3D Viewer and Product Configurator with Three.js
    • Researched and developed cutting-edge implementations of web AR technologies
    • Developed ARKit & ARCore apps using Swift & React Native

    Skills: React Native, ARKit, Three.js, GraphQL, Swift

  • Nokia + Fortum Hackathon

    05.11.2015 - 07.11.2015

    Making energy consumption smarter

    • Third place (out of fifteen) at a hackathon by Nokia and Fortum
    • The brief was to find ways to make energy consumption more engaging and smarter
    • Designed and implemented a vision to bring instant energy consciousness to people through a wearable device

    Skills: Arduino, Internet of Things

  • Iittala hackathon

    29.05.2015 - 31.05.2015

    Hacking the Smart Home

    • Winner of a hackathon with Iittala over the course of a weekend
    • The brief was to hack the smart home to bring people closer together using Iittala products and values
    • Design and implementation of a smart vase prototype with Internet of Things technologies

    Skills: Arduino, soldering, electronics

  • Climbing

    01.01.2015 - Today

    Getting my heights on

    • Biweekly bouldering indoors (6C level)
    • Indoors climbing, top rope or lead climbing of routes up to 30 meters

  • Full-Stack Developer

    01.04.2014 - 01.01.2016 Helsinki, Finland

    Design agency Agency Leroy

    • Developed multiple responsive websites using current technologies and frameworks (Ruby on Rails, Craft CMS)
    • Collaborated closely with designers regarding the user interface and user experience of the websites
    • Took part in conception workshops for innovative projects for several customers

    Skills: SCSS (BEM), Foundation, Ruby on Rails, Craft CMS

  • Cofounder and CTO

    01.06.2013 - 01.04.2014

    Founding Globshop, first step in entrepreneurship

    • Designed and developed a collaborative platform for crowdsourced international deliveries
    • Co-developed the concept and user experience of the service
    • Implemented the frontend and backend of the beta version website using Django and Twitter Bootstrap

    Skills: Django, Twitter bootstrap

  • Sauna


    First Taste of Finnish culture

    My first sauna ever, Finnish style - in one's birthday suit, 80°C+ and of course skinny dipping in the freezing sea!
    Many more happened after that one.

  • Master of Science in IDBM

    01.09.2012 - 01.09.2014 Helsinki, Finland

    Studies at Aalto University

    • International Design Business Management
    • Coursework: One-year industry project in a multidisciplinary team. Business modelling, project management, product development, design thinking, user interface construction, wearable technology

    Skills: Design thinking, wearable technologies, machine learning

  • Assistant Project Designer

    01.02.2012 - 01.08.2012 Paris, France

    Managing mobile app creation

    • Supervised mobile applications development and client relationships in several projects
    • Drafted and presented business proposals to prospects answering call for tenders for new mobile applications

    Skills: Project management, customer relationship

  • Designer Weekend @ Le Camping

    25.11.2011 - 27.11.2011

    Bringing new eyes to a startup

    • Contest gathering volunteers to help startup facing challenges related to UX or UI
    • Won the "Audience Prize" with a team heping the startup OleaPark
    • Redesigned the UX and visual atmosphere of the mobile app

  • Trainee R&D researcher

    01.07.2011 - 01.02.2012 Boulogne-Billancourt, France

    Protoyping innovative interfaces

    • Conceived prototypes of new designs for GPS on Smartphone
    • Implemented the prototypes, using web technologies (HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, PhoneGap)

    Skills: HTML, jQuery, PhoneGap

  • Drawing Classes

    01.09.2010 - 01.09.2011

    Learning drawing techniques

    • Weekly drawing classes, using several tools and methods for art creation (pencil, watercolor, paint, charcoal...)

  • Volunteer In Manila, Philippines

    01.07.2010 - 31.07.2010

    Humanitarian mission with Gawad Kalinga

    • Helped building houses in Philippine slums
    • Coordinated the exchanges with the organization during the mission

  • Master of Science in IT security

    01.09.2009 - 01.09.2014 Paris, France

    Télécom ParisTech, Engineering School in the French Grandes Ecoles system

    • Coursework: software and hardware security, software programming, web technologies

    Skills: C, Java, PHP, Python

  • Preparatory class

    01.09.2007 - 01.09.2009

    Specialization in mathematics and physics

    • Post-secondary program leading up to competitive nationwide entrance examination to state-run engineering schools in the Grandes Ecoles system
    • Course work: advanced mathematics and physics, algorithmic, French, English, philosophy

  • Graphing calculator game programming


    First programming steps

    • Design and programmation of games on my graphing calculator TI-83

  • Highschool

    01.09.2005 - 01.09.2007

    Highschool at Lycée Jean-Zay

    • Coursework: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, English, history, philosophy, French, German

  • Trumpet

    01.09.1997 - Today

    Orléans Conservatory

    • Ten years at Orléans Conservatory
    • Weekly private lectures studying the classic methods (Méthode Arban...)
    • Member of the Junior Brass Band and of a baroque trumpet ensemble
    • Weekly music theory classes
    • Various adult wind orchestras in France & Finland

  • Orléans

    01.08.1997 - 01.09.2009 Orléans, France


    • My family moved to Orléans when I was 7

  • Rouen

    07.05.1990 - 01.08.1997 Rouen, France


    • On the 7th of May, I was born in Rouen